2023-24 SEASON: SEPTEMBER 2023 – JUNE 2024

See some great films on the big screen, enjoy a drink from the bar and some good company at Hepworth Village Hall Film Nights. During the season we show one film a month on a Friday at 7:30pm – doors open at 7:00. Tickets are £5.00 and are available on the door.


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Blue Jean – Friday June 14th

Set in Newcastle in 1988 Rosy McEwen plays Jean, a gay woman who teaches PE at a secondary school. After enduring a straight marriage and despite her alienation from her ailing mother and the strained relationship with her married sister, she is happily in a relationship with Viv (Kerrie Hayes). She has to make sure her employers do not find out she is gay: homophobia has always been bad and the new law (section 28) from Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government threatens to make it worse. On Saturday nights, Jean finds herself hate-watching that heterosexual festival, Blind Date with Cilla Black! Jean then finds herself ambiguously preoccupied with, though not necessarily attracted to, a new pupil: Lois (Lucy Halliday). As pressure mounts from all sides, a crisis happens that will push Jean to the edge. (Rating 15, duration 97 mins )

2023-24 Season

September 8th
October 13th
Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom
November 10th
Everything Everywhere All at Once
December 15th
The Fabelmans
January 12th
Riders of Justice
February 9th
Mrs Harris Goes to Paris
March 8th
Official Competition
April 12th
Return to Seoul
May 17th (DATE CHANGE)
Polite Society
June 14th. 
Blue Jean

Films are arranged in conjunction with Holmfirth Film Festival